My DVDs can be purchased through my online shop, at multiple online outlets as both DVDs and immediate video downloads, and at many of your favorite art and craft stores.

Card Play
This is available now as an immediate download or you can order the DVD at the Interweave online shop. 

Based on my 52 Card Pickup live workshop, Card Play: Mixed-Media Techniques for Small Works of Art is 96 minutes of creative fun.

In this workshop, I will demonstrate how to turn a deck of playing cards in to a year-long art journal. You will learn, step-by-step, a series of mixed-media layering techniques involving gesso, paint, ink, stamping, stenciling, collaging and more. The focus is on creating dynamic layers, loosening up, and creating without thinking. With Card Play, you will always be dealt a winning hand.

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Top 10 Collage Principles
This is currently available only as an immediate download.  

Based on my Collage Camp live workshop, Seth Apter's Top 10 Collage Principles, this video is 119 minutes long and filled with ideas and techniques for your collage and other mixed-media work.

In this workshop I share 10 principles to bring your collage to the next level and help you move forward if you feel stuck while creating. We start by creating a reference manual complete with 10 mini-collages, each of which demonstrates one of the core principles. Next you will learn a fun, layered painting technique to create unique background for your collage. All the steps are put together as we then create a collage together and review finishing touches to further enhance your artwork.

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Photo Play
This is available now as an immediate download or you can order the DVD at the Interweave online shop. 

Based on my Photo Op live workshop, Photo Play: Techniques for Altering Photos with Paint and Ink, this video is filled with 91 minutes of artful techniques.

Take your photos out of your phone and take them to a new level. This workshop introduces a series of subtractive techniques to prepare the surface of you photographs and add texture and pattern to the images. This is followed by demonstrations of additive techniques, where we hand-color our photos using watercolor paints, dye inks, and water-based pens and markers. The focus then shifts to integrating these photos into your art. After an introduction in how to create and alter die cuts, we put it all together by creating a dimensional and layered journal page where your photo is the star.

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The Altered Book
This is available now as an immediate download or you can order the DVD at the Interweave online shop. 

Based on my For Your Eyes Only live workshop, The Altered Book: 10 Mixed-Media Techniques contains 95-minutes of instruction on all things book making.

You will learn to make a handmade book from scratch using repurposed book covers and paper. This is a no-sew binding that allows you to bind single sheets into what appears to be a traditional bound book. You will see how to make a binding bar that is the basis for the book and create multiple interactive pages with doors, windows, flaps, and more. I will demonstrate a paper quilting technique to add a dynamic and complex background to your pages and also talk about using dimensional objects to embellish your cover. This class is suitable for both beginning and more seasoned book artists.

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Easy Mixed Media Surface Techniques
Available in my online shop as a DVD or from North Light video download

"In Easy Mixed Media Surface Techniques Seth takes you step-by-step through a variety of mixed-media techniques using his easy mixed-media Painted Grid process. You'll learn how to incorporate text, texture, mark-making and interesting finishing touches like spatter, dry brushing and more. You'll discover several unique projects using the finished painted paper that take your work to the next level. This video includes 71 minutes of premier workshop instruction."


Easy Mixed Media Techniques for the Art Journal
Available in my online shop as a DVD or from Interweave as a video download

"Apter's second video, Easy Mixed Media Techniques for the Art Journal, takes you through a variety of unique mixed-media texture-making, distressing and layering techniques. The finished product can be used as a personal journal, artist's book or a place to explore the use of new materials. This 95 minute video will have you discovering surprising techniques for adding interest to your art, using the simplest of tools and materials."


Top 10 Art Journaling Techniques
Available at Interweave as a DVD or video download

I am 1 of 9 artists featured on this compilation DVD, with my segment taken directly from my earlier DVD Easy Mixed Media Techniques for the Art Journal. My technique focuses on using gesso to create textured backgrounds and making acrylic glazes to add layers of transparent color.

"Hosted by Amy Jones, this instructive video gives you safe place to play with what you know, and what you want to try. From using acrylics to conte crayons, textured items to old photographs, you are in control of your artistic choices. You no longer have to be afraid of messing up your art piece, or spilling paint over your blank sheet, for this video equips you with the skills necessary to turn your mistakes into flawless designs! Find your favorite form of art journaling and make your way through the Top 10 Art Journaling Techniques."


Top 10 Doodle, Drawing & Mark Making Techniques
Available at Interweave as a DVD or video download

I am 1 of 8 artists featured on this compilation DVD, with my segment taken directly from my earlier DVD Easy Mixed Media Surface Techniques. My technique focuses on using splattering, dry brushing and mark making to enhance your surface. 

"Scratch your way into art through mark-making techniques, splatter your painting into existence with watercolors and acrylics, and find your Zen in pencil sketching and doodling. This video, hosted by Amy Jones, will study different mixed media instructions from a variety of ArtistNetwork.TV favorite video workshops. Bu bringing the diverse art forms together, you will become skilled in multiple areas and end up with a toolbox full of doodle, drawing, and mark-making techniques."



Billie said...

Hi Seth

Quick question as a viewer from Europe I realize the DVDs will be in NTSC rather than pal that we use here but just discovered that our DVD play will play some NTSC formats depending on the region.

Do you happen to know what region the DVDs are formatted too? and would that be the same format, where ever they are sold?

Many thanks

Billie :)

Renee said...
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Renee said...

Hi Seth, I just purchased the video download "Card Play" and will start on it tonight. Your new videos will be the next best thing to taking a live class with you, thanks so much ~ Renee

rivergardenstudio said...

Wow Seth! These videos are such an amazing peek into your techniques and creative processes, I love them! Congratulations... I know they will be a Huge success!
- roxanne

Gina Pisello said...

Seth, the DVD's look great. It will be nice to take classes with you whenever I want now. I am off to place an order!